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 Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server

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MensajeTema: Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server   Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server I_icon_minitimeDom Feb 06, 2011 11:34 pm

[6.5] Old Game
Because many systems has stayed in the time, usefull in C1 but not anymore now in actual chronicles. Or those that have go away from its original idea. Positive changes in many aspects of the game

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server Masspvp

[7.0] Corruption, Edits and GMs

Yes, a problem that always worries, and destroys servers. Beyond the obvious control that is done through logs and others, we will opt for more drastic measures to avoid any future problem.
The staff will consist of known trustable people, but even that the temptation when someone has power is incredible. It can make them to do even more incredible things
It's just a clarification for the community, to feel calm knowing that the Gms are to fulfill the role they were created for, and not throw all to the trash for a moment of temptation, because this things happens.

[7.1] Solution to Corruption
No GM, Tester, Moderator, etc will have
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Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server
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