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MensajeTema: Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server   Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server I_icon_minitimeDom Feb 06, 2011 11:35 pm

[1.0] Rates

[1.1] General Rates
General Rates:

    [li]Exp x5[/li]
    [li]Sp x5[/li]
    [li]Exp Party x1.5[/li]
    [li]Sp Party x1.5[/li]
    [li]Adena x5[/li]
    [li]Karma Reduction x1[/li]
    [li]Vitality Reduction x2[/li]

[1.2] Item Rates
Rates for Item's Drops:

    [li]Drop Chance x3[/li]
    [li]Drop Quantity x1[/li]
    [li]Spoil Materials Chance x3 Quantity x3[/li]
    [li]Spoil Recipes Chance x5 Quantity x1[/li]
    [li]Spoil Otros Chance x3 Quantity x1[/li]
    [li]Quest Item Rewards x2[/li]
    [li]Quest Item Drop Chance x1[/li]

[2.0] Extras and Rules

[2.1] Extras

    [li]Retail drop system[/li]
    [li]Premium Geodata[/li]
    [li]Own Antibot Measures[/li]
    [li]Frozen Patch Own Installer[/li]
    [li]Follow: The follow system was removed for the boxing issue. To solve this in case of someone that really need its, a AFK system was created, with is activated with the command .afk[/li]
    [li]Changed, centralized and expanded the warning system for GMs about bugs and errors. Every GM knows everything in every moment of whats going on in the server.[/li]
    [li]Alt shift click on mobs to see stats and drops[/li]
    [li]Every item is removed automatically from the floor after 15 minutes from the moment of the drop[/li]
    [li]Event items are AutoPickup[/li]

[2.2] Languages

    [li]The server is designed from its start to be multilanguage. Is and its being translated to spanish what is in english, and to english what is in spanish[/li]
    [li]Use the command .lang to select what language you desire. This affects all kind of texts, from npcs, quests, events, even announces[/li]
    [li]Every announce made by systems, events, NPCs and even the GMs are translated in realtime to the language you have selected previously[/li]
    [li]The GMs have in disposal a realtime ingame translation system, that allows them to talk with any person in almost any language naturally[/li]
    [li]Maybe in the future everything will be expanded to support more languages[/li]

[2.3] Dualbox and Boxes

    [li]Dualbox allowed. Only 2 clients per PC[/li]
    [li]Boxes only in city, that includes characters in the same PC or another one, all client that doesnt have an active user is considered as Box[/li]
    [li]1 Offline Trader max per PC[/li]
    [li]Every IP Check on different systems have been remplaced with PC IP checks, to avoid problems with cyber cafes and special networks[/li]

[2.4] Names
Apart from the server rules about names, i must add that only letters and numbers are allowed, upper case and lower case.
Every symbol are reservated for GMs
That means that the GMs always have a symbol in their name

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server 81682179

[3.0] Automatic Protection Systems

[3.1] Combat
PvPs and PKs

    [li]Pks in newbie zone: On the first PK, the pkeer is warned, on the second he is banned. (Newbie Zones are all the complete start zones of each race, not including catacombs and necropolis)[/li]
    [li]Pks less lvl than 10: Cause of the skill lucky that prevents dropping. First PK is warned, second banned.[/li]
    [li]PvP in newbie zone: PvP protection to characters that are in newbie zone considering lvl differences. To avoid abuses.[/li]

[3.2] Market
Zones for Private Stores, and protections for price set

    [li]Sell, buy and craft predefined zones: Some citys like Giran have defined zones for each private store, to mantain order in the traders market.[/li]
    [li]Minimum ranges to set a Private Store: For avoiding setting a store too close of NPCs or other stores.[/li]
    [li]System to avoid simple item's scams: You cant sell or buy by private store for less than what the shop gives you[/li]

[3.3] Accounts and Characters
Special Protections

    [li]IP Account: What it does is stablish a show list of allowed IPs for a certain account. The login reject every IP different to the ones from the list (Works with static and dynamic ips)[/li]
    [li]DualBox: Only 2 accounts per PC (not IP) are allowed, the third one closes. The second protection is that only 1 character can be out of the city at the same time per PC, if more than one character is detected, then he is warned and sent to the city again.[/li]
    [li]Login: 10 minutes without drawing aggro mobs unless some action is done[/li]
    [li]Teleport: 25 seconds of invulnerability after teleportation unless an action is done[/li]
    [li]FakeDeath: 5 seconds of aggro protection after using Fake Death[/li]

[3.4] Mobs
Special protections for mobs

    [li]Auto Unstuck: New system to avoid that the mobs are taken away from their spawn point for too long. It happens for example that sometimes characters take all the cata mobs to the GK, teleport and the mobs stay there stucked or take long to come back to their spawn. If the mob have some time of inactivity, the its automatically returned to its spawn location. Expanded system to allow guards and siege guards to return to their spawns without stucking somewhere[/li]
    [li]Spawn Protection: Mobs have 4 seconds of NO Aggro NO Sociality after being spanwed[/li]

[4.0] Frozen Specials

[4.1] Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame is the most prestigious place, where only the best of Aden could be in.
To belong to the Hall of Fame you must before accomplish before anyone else some of the following misions:

    [li]Be the first 3rd profession of your class[/li]
    [li]Be the first lvl 85 of your class[/li]
    [li]Be the first noblesse[/li]
    [li]Be the first with subclass[/li]
    [li]Have the first pet lvl 85 (Only GWolf and Striders)[/li]
    [li]Reach first to 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 PvPs[/li]

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server Halloffamew

[4.2] Npc Donations
It has, instant class transfers, also be able to be noble with just one click. Choose your favorite color and have a different name. Or maybe an accessory or agathion is for you.
Being special is now a reality. The only thing you need are Frozen Diamonds to spend.

[4.3] The Frozen Hitman
You want to kill someone, but you cannot do it by yourself or you dont want to get dirty? Not a problem, others can do it for you.
Just set a price for his head, and let the hunt begin.

[4.4] Event Manager
Simple, dynamic and aesthetically beautiful. Read information and rules, register or remove your inscription, be an observer or get whats new on events.

[4.5] Real Peace Zones
Peace Zones are really peace zones. So please leave your weapons in the lobby before you enter to the city.
If you still want to be rebel or show your power you can use the command .showw, but be carefull, every act have its consecuences

[4.6] Clan Messages
Now the clan leaders can send a message to all his members, with the command ".clanmsg".
Its an Screen Message that appears in the middle of the screen. Only avaliable having Cirdan in your Clan Hall (Donation)

[4.7] Ingame Voting
We have created a new ingame voting system, where a question or issue is set, votation npcs are spawned and then every character can choose on of the options.
The votes are saved, so the GM can get quick information about what the community wants or think about something, because the forum is not always as massive as one would like.
Minimum level for voting is 40, that means that you have at least some time on the server to be able to say something about it. Only 1 vote per account, IP allowed

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server Votaciond

[4.8] The Legend
Keucereus Base hides a great secret in his plataforms.
According to legend, the great dragon visit this place in search for preys. Very few have been affortunate enough to be able to see it and get out there alive to tell it. Will be you one of them?

[4.9] Weddings
Because at some point it's time to settle down and live the rest of your life with your soul mate

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server Casamientos

[4.10] RPG Style Talking
The idea was to create a talking system with NPCs with the style of all normal RPGs. Instead of showing a dull text window, be more interactive, where you can see yourself talking with the npc, doing socials, special effects, with a special camera. Lot more dynamism to the game, this is a nice boost to the rol part

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server Charlarpgstyle

[4.11] Wyvern Turism
We added a fleet of our best Wyrverns to travel the world and admire the wonders of it. Because the world seen from up is different.
Go through the most incredible places, and be amazed by the surprises that are hidden in plain sight. Brought to you by Dragon Airlines

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server Vuelo

[4.12] Raids Introduction
Another creation to make the game more dynamic. Plus an interesting function while giving various statics about the raid that is going to be attacked, strengths, weaknesses, minions, etc.
With an extra view of the place surrounding the objetive

[4.13] Animated Socials
To give more variety to the chats, its been binded to every common word a social action related to it.
This means that if one say "Hello" the character will salute automatically, and the same with many other situations. Added more conditions for that this system wont interrupt pvps, movements, casting, etc

[4.14] Crafts
No more suffering with crafts from now on!
This great system that so many bad moments has given us, now its gonna hurt less.
For each failed craft, its returned 30% of all the elements used in the recipe for that craft. Just in quantity, not in elements. For example stuff like recipes that are 1 are not included

[5.0] Special Events

Every event has been developed 100% by us, some of them invented by us, other based on other people ideas. The same for the event engine, that must be some of the most advanced of the world, it has great features, with protections and lots of options. It also has a Top 10 for each event, that shows the best competitors

[5.1] Berserker
Very similar to DeathMatch, just a little special.
On the first death, the killer is given the buff Berserker that increases all his stats radically. The one who kill the berserker, will steal him this buff.
The one who has the most kills after the time is over wins the event

[5.2] DeathMatch
All vs All, with time limit. After the time is ended, the one with more kills wins the event

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server Deathmatch

[5.3] Greatness
A series of scheduled events between teams, to find the best warriors.

[5.4] Korean PvP
Do a 5 vs 5 PvP at the korean style. The team that survives wins

[5.5] Last Man Standing
All vs All in a zone without escape. Live or die, there is no other option. Wins the last that remains alive

[5.6] Man Hunt
A prisioner has escaped with his group of evil, and your duty is to capture him to recover the reward.

[5.7] Mario Kart
Does it needs introduction? Fun at its finest.

[5.8] Russian Roulette
A serie of russians will appear, on of them bad. If you choose the bad one, you are eliminated. For each round it will reduce the ammount of russians until 2 remains. Wins the last survivor

[5.9] Simon Says
Demonstrate your writing skills and attention in this game. Pure competition

[5.10] Survival
Are you able to survive in an extremely hostile terrain with wild creatures, while fighting with the rest for not get killed?

[5.11] Zombie
A new virus has been released, and turns people into zombies. Luckily it is only contagious to the touch with another carrier, but the bad news is that the carrier is here!

[6.0] Game

This is just a introductory list.
To see the real list of changes in skills go to Complete List of Skills Changes
For the complete list of general changes go to Complete List of General Changes

[6.1] Missing Skills
For those classes that are missing of some skill for some purpose, its been created a new one for them. They are not much, but fills that FEEL that was there on those professions

[6.2] Effects
Some skills effects has been changed, for being overpowered, useless or having a wrong purpose.

[6.3] Forgotten Classes
Many professions has been made usefull again, like Prophets, Dwarfs and Warlords, specially in PvP. It was about time. Usefull in C1, forgotten through the chronicles, will be again what they were

[6.4] Overpowered Professions
No class is the Profession of the Chronicle, small changes have accomplished a balance more than satisfactory. Each class has its own advantages and dissadvantages as it should be, but with a touch of freshness that for sure will be of your please.

[6.5] Old Game
Because many systems has stayed in the time, usefull in C1 but not anymore now in actual chronicles. Or those that have go away from its original idea. Positive changes in many aspects of the game

Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server Masspvp

[7.0] Corruption, Edits and GMs

Yes, a problem that always worries, and destroys servers. Beyond the obvious control that is done through logs and others, we will opt for more drastic measures to avoid any future problem.
The staff will consist of known trustable people, but even that the temptation when someone has power is incredible. It can make them to do even more incredible things
It's just a clarification for the community, to feel calm knowing that the Gms are to fulfill the role they were created for, and not throw all to the trash for a moment of temptation, because this things happens.

[7.1] Solution to Corruption
No GM, Tester, Moderator, etc will have power over the others, but for ban, kick and some other basic functions of control. That means that they can buy, use any items they want to, but never give them to others, drop, trade, heal, level, but on themselfs. They just cant, no matter if they try. The only exceptions are Klystron and Synerge/Target, that are the only Admins

[8.0] Development

This is just an introductory list.
To see the complete list of retail development check this link Retail Features

[8.1] Development
The level of developement of the server is huge, it advances at an incredible speed.
There are being created retail and custom systems all the time. You log in after a week, and everything is different, for that it will never stuck

[8.2] Programming
The server is programmed by Experienced L2J Developers, with certain reputation over their names in this community. We know of L2, we have ideas and we know how to implement them. Nobody work for us, we dont wait anyone to make, create or fix any system or error

[8.3] Performance
All the server is designed to be able to host the maximum ammount of players as possible, without having any major problem. For that we develop with the best level of programming possible for us. Better code, better execution, faster its done, less memory leaks and more performance
We also have thought of alternative ways of solving some issues, like improve the bandwith's consumption, memory use and CPU, for just avoid unnecesary or wrong uses. Because not everything is server side, if the server send too much packets to the client, the client gets saturated and it starts losing packets or worse, critical errores, things that we dont want

[8.4] Bugs and Errors
As any program, its going to have errors, the difference lies always between the capacity in solving them. Our promise is that we will solve each error as they they appear in the shortest period as possible. We make large updates often, and as we do not depend of anyone, everything is brand new

[9.0] Community

[9.1] Thanks
Lately they were quite present, and its something that i should appoint. The server is for the community, but its also done by the community. Not only with shares of ideas, errors, solutions, advices, helping others, but also developing, creating, translating, helping in what they can in the growth of the server.
Thanks so much to all those people that offered their help, those that are participating in the server's development, those who stay with the server and supported the staff in the good and bad moments, and all those that are into the translation team to spanish, that work and make with the only objetive for the server to grow and be better every day THANKS!
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Lineage 2 Elemental Comunity - Frozen Server
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